Property Department


Senaca Group works closely with Receivers and Property Management Companies in order to deliver a complete security service which has been specifically tailored for properties in receivership.

Our Receivership Services include:

  • In situ security
  • Clean & Clear cleaning and waste disposal service
  • Property Lockdown and security installation
  • Delivery of Notices
  • Property Inspections
  • Keyholding

Vacant Property Inspection:

Senaca Group offer Vacant Property Inspection and Management solutions to ensure your buildings are safe, secure and ready to go on the market when you need it to.

Our vacant property inspection service provide property management companies and landlords with the resourced required in order to meet the mandatory requirements stipulated by insurance companies.

Senaca's extensive range of security and compliance solutions provides commercial and residential property agents with peace of mind by removing security threats and ensuring all properties are ready to market as quickly as possible. Whether it is a new construction or refurbishment, our property inspection services will keep your property safe from onsite theft and vandalism.

We provide CCTV, Intruder detection, access control, steel protection and guarding services.

Our cost-effective bespoke solutions are designed on an individual basis and are specifically tailored to meet your needs while always meeting the requirements stipulated by insurance companies. In addition, Senaca Group also undertake risk assessments and provide cleaning before a building goes back on the market.

Our Property services reduce the risk of theft or vandalism and protecting your property both physically and financially by reducing the risk of depreciating your valuable asset.

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