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Senaca MVT

2-Way Audio

Historic Route Playback

Senaca Mobile Video Tracking (M.V.T) is a combined Video and GPS Tracking device, focused on the operational, safety and security aspects of your fleet, plant or vessel. It provides for the monitoring, management, reporting of connected devices.

From simple benefits such as the display of the blind spot of a truck to its driver for the safety of those around the vehicle, to reviewing of video footage post incident for insurance purposes, all the way through recovery of stolen vehicle, plant, vessel or cargo, Senaca MVT provides a new generation of control, management, safety and security.

Key Functions

  • RealTime HD CCTV recording
  • RealTime GPS tracking
  • G-Sensor and Speed Sensor with Alerts
  • Panic Button Function with RealTime Alerts
  • 2-Way Audio via VIOP
  • Historic Route Playback
  • Remote I/O control

How does it work?

Miniature durable cameras are place on key areas of the vehicle as required by customer. In the case of the Haulage industry, a typical example would be as follows:

  • Front Facing Camera
  • Drivers Blind Spot (180 degree Wide Angle View)
  • Drivers Side View
  • Rear Trailer Door

Senaca MVT cameras are designed and manufactured specifically for mobile applications and are offered in a variety shapes, sizes and colours, to suit each individual requirement.

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