Senaca Group's Mobile ATM Service is dedicated to providing significantly increased Cash flow for your outdoor and indoor event.

If you are planning or have responsibility for organizing a special event / concert /festival/store opening/product launch and would like to avail of our Mobile ATM Services, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below for further information.

Nationwide Mobile ATM Services

  • A choice of High profile, vibrant, mobile ATM vehicles incorporating up to 2 individual ATM's per vehicle.
  • 100% Turnkey ATM and cash management service
  • 100% insured
  • Comprehensive range of ancillary features to include; Recessed outside lighting, wheelchair accessible, dedicated Mobile ATM perimeter and queue control features to include handrails and ground matting.
  • Optional additional services to include advertising and merchandising/program sales

Our Mobile ATMs are ideally suited for:

  • Outdoor /Indoor Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Store openings
  • Street Festivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Conference and Tourism events
  • Product Launches
  • Large public gatherings where increased ATM capacity will add value

Mobile ATMs will significantly enhanced Cash flow within the event perimeter and will lead directly to greater spending capacity.

Events utilising our Mobile ATM services provide enhanced customer experience with opportunity to increase the amount of time spent on site and money readily available to spend. In doing so, we greatly enhance the overall "Customer Experience"

Due to the unprecedented demand it is critical to express interest in booking the unit at the earliest possible time to avoid disappointment.

Enquire about our Mobile ATM Services

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