About Us

Working as a team, delivering as one.

Senaca Group provides a full range of security services. We have established trusted and lasting relationships with leading companies in the following sectors:

  • Oil, Gas & Petroleum
  • Financial & Professional Services
  • Transport, Freight & Logistics
  • Energy & Exploration
  • Maritime & Ports
  • Government & Policing
  • Tourism, Hospitality & Events
  • Health & Safety
  • Infrastructure & Utilities
  • Property, Construction & Receiverships
  • Crisis Management
  • Training & Human Resources
  • Non-Government Organisations & Media

Senaca Group's global experience and our track record leave us well placed to manage and minimise risk, no matter what the challenge.

Qualified, licensed, accredited and regulated

Senaca Group puts a primary focus on maintaining the highest standards of excellence. Our people and our services are fully licensed, accredited and regulated by:

Senaca Group's focus on continuous learning, vetting and adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards is reflected in our development of:

  •   The Safety First Programme
  •   Code of Conduct

Engage, evaluate and strategise

Senaca Group's approach is centred on client engagement & listening to your needs and understanding your priorities.
This engagement enables our team of experts to:

  •   Develop detailed security planning and implementation strategies

  •   Identify and measure risks

  •   Detail activities that best minimise and manage circumstances

  •   Evaluate outcomes

This engaging and systematic approach is constantly maintained, allowing for feedback and continuous review that can further contribute to meeting overall objectives

Security is fundamentally about safety

Safety First is a unique programme offered by Senaca Group to reduce risk, enhance safety and integrate safety strategies into everyday company practices.
Tailored to client's needs, Safety First is built around a detailed safety matrix. Safety First is overseen by dedicated health and safety experts, comprising:
  • Safety managers


  • Full-time safety coaches and supervisors


  • Qualified advanced safety leaders


  • Specially trained Safe Pass personnel


Successfully making Safety First part of your company contributes to commercial, HR and reputational performance

Careers at Senaca Group

Senaca Group's strength is our team who have a wealth of experience and skills. The team's commitment to standards and strategic thinking are qualities that Senaca Group places the highest emphasis on, qualities we look for in building our team.

If you are an experienced security professional committed to further enhancing your skills or are interested in developing a career in security, we would like to hear from you. Click the Careers button now the view the positions available!


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