Facilities Management

Senaca Group provides full contract cleaning services.

It is our intention to provide quality of product and service and we are therefore selective in the process of partnership with any organisations we work with. Even though pricing is extremely important it should never affect quality of work. With this in mind we believe every organisation that we partner with has a common understanding of the end objective.

What really differentiates Senaca's Facilities Management Services is the quality of our service. We take the time to learn about your company business, the objectives you have, the times you work, your company policies and goals, what products you use, what dispensers you have, your normal product usage etc. Out of this comes an understanding of your business and how best we can serve you.

Our high cleaning standards and service level has grown out of the high levels of expectations set by the companies we work with, our customers. As a result we find that new customers are often surprised by the service level they receive from us. We believe our success can, along with quality of work, be largely contributable to the fact that we pay special attention to our client's needs and our flexibility to meet those needs. Communication is vital and to this end we are always contactable through email (24*7*365) and mobile phone.

From the directors of the company, through supervisors to office and cleaning staff we make ourselves available at all times to the customer. Every customer is different and it is our objective to find out how best we can serve each individual company. Our pool of staff is the same as every other contract cleaning company on the market but it is how you train, manage and listen to your staff that enables Senaca Group to get the best out of each individual who works in our organisation. We not only listen to our customer but to our staff also and work with both to provide a better working environment for all concerned.

Services available include:

  • Dust Control Mats
  • Roller Towels
  • Linen Rental
  • Washroom Solutions
  • Hand Drying Systems
  • Soaps and Gels
  • Toilet Tissues
  • Workwear
  • Sterile Surgical Supplies
  • Cleanroom Products
  • Vending Machine
  • Urinal and Toilet Sanitising Systems
  • Air Freshener Units
  • Feminine Hygiene Units
  • Full Pest Control Services and Products
  • Healthcare Waste Disposal Service
  • Water Management Services
  • Baby Changing Units

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