C.I.T & Cash Management Services

Senaca CMS are leading providers of Cash-in Transit and Cash Management services to the retail, leisure and charity sectors acrosss the country.

We have grown our business and reputation through ensuring the security of out client's valuables, the quality, accuracy and consistency of our services and our attention to detail to our client's needs at all times.

Immediate Reporting...

We have built a reputation for cutting edge services, design and innovation in the CIT marketplace and have consistently out performed our competition through development and introduction of new technology and cost saving solutions.

Senaca CMS are the only CIT and Cash Management company to a offer paperless transaction system with immediate reporting to the client, completed before the CIT officer departs the premises. This system also provides the client with an instant audit trail of date, time, satchel number, number of satchels, driver and van details and PoD signature.

Senaca CMS is the only CIT company to offer a suite of immediately available reports, customised to the client's requirement on a same-day basis.

Reconsiliation of daily, weekly and monthly Transaction Reports is instantaneous and accurate, there is an almost complete removal of time lost in paper-trail auditing. Coupled with a largely new fleet, automated scheduling and other time and cost saving innovations, we are now in a position to pass these cost efficiencies on the the prospective clients in the form of a very competitive CIT service rate.

Senaca CMS are a sophisticated and fully PSA licensed cash-in-transit (C.I.T) service provider operating throughout Ireland.

A trusted partner of businesses of all sizes, Senaca C.M.S provides value to our customers by reducing your risk, minimising your costs and safely protecting your staff, money and other valuables.

Our range of services, specially designed fleet and qualified personnel combine to make Senaca CMS a complete cash management service provider.

As part of our Cash Management Services, our closed-loop cash management system vastly improves security and helps stores to eliminate deposit discrepancies, reduce theft and reduces the need for manual counting, recounting and auditing of cash by your Staff

Combined with Senaca's armoured Cash-In-Transit services, our closed-loop cash management solutions completely secures your cash by tying off the loose ends. Cash processing is accelerated meaning access to funds is much quicker than traditional Cash Management methods.

The Closed-Loop system removes the need for staff involvement and as a result, allows your staff to focus on more productive duties, while simultaneously reducing the threat of theft or robbery

Key Benefits Include:

  • Improved cash management
  • More efficient cash flow
  • Reduced risk from improved security

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